Eating out Tips

2 Aug

The average American eats out 4-5 times a week. Here are my 5 tips to keep in mind to avoid food choices you’ll regret later. Hey, just because you are eating out, doesn’t mean all cards are out the window! Also, eating out means more than a sit-down dinner on a Friday/Saturday night, it can also mean picking up take-out orders, making a trip to the fast-food drive-through lanes.

1. Remember the waiter is a salesperson
Don’t fall for the “Yes, this is my favorite dish!” line every waiter says. Remember, they are trained to sell you more food and drinks you will ever need.

2. Drink water before & during, and thank me later
Skip the alcohol and the soda. You came out to enjoy the food, not the drinks! Cut calories and don’t get full on calorie-packed liquids. Opt in for water instead – there are no added calories/guilt and it helps with digestion.

3. Eat dessert elsewhere (if you really want one)
Do you really want dessert? Because our brain doesn’t immediately register that our stomach is full, you may be at risk of eating more than your body needs. Slow down, take a moment, and see how you feel after 30 minutes. If you really want it, then make a smart choice and control the portion – split it with company!

4. Enjoy the company you are with
Hey! get your face out of the plate and take a break to enjoy whoever you are eating out with. It slows down the eating process, which helps you feel full faster.

5. Portion control
You can always take what you can’t finish home, it’ll still be there tomorrow, I promise. 🙂

Go through this checklist the next time you dine out/pick up food. You will enjoy your meal and not feel guilty later.



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