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No Gym No Worries…Body weight is the best weight

9 Oct

“I don’t have a gym membership.”

If I had a dollar every time I heard that…well you know! This is one of the most common excuses I hear people use in attempt to justify their inactivity. Well guess what? I’d like to introduce…body weight drills!

With body weight drills, you can lose weight and get in shape just by using your own body. Factor in how much you weigh, if you can master that, then your fitness level is definitely top notch. Plus, one of the biggest advantages of body weight drills is – LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! Work out at your home, the gym, the hotel room, or wherever! No equipment needed, no excuses.

Here are some of my favorite whole-body, body-weight exercises to tone and sculpt your physique. Add them to your workout routine. Remember to stretch properly before and after. U1st!


Wake up! & make it happen


Cardio/Strength Workout-post diagram


30-minute full body express workout

Abs of Steel (One of my favorites)