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Say Deuces to Snow – Fling into Spring Workouts!

31 Mar

Picking up take-out, cozying up in front of the fire place with a beverage, heavy sweaters…Is this starting to sound familiar?

I think we can all agree that the chilling winds, never-ending snowfall and bitter cold temperatures deterred us from our workout this winter? Don’t worry, take a deep breath, hold your head high and put a smile on your face. It’s never too late to change just as the seasons do, your body is ready as soon as your mind is.

Spring is the time associated with cleaning, but that’s not limited to just your house, garage, car…etc. It’s also the perfect time to clean….well, YOU! Clean out your bad habits, skipping workouts, eating that extra slice of pizza you know you shouldn’t and stop making excuses NOW. No more “Starting next month, starting this week” the best time is just now! You’re not missing out anything by delaying any longer. Take the time to devote to a better quality of life by combining proper nutrition and exercise on a daily basis and before you know it you will be feeling and looking better than you ever have.

A great way to start your exercise regiment is body-weight exercises (full body movements that focus on weight loss, cardio, and strength.) I did some digging online and found some great workouts and/or warm-ups before you hit the gym or go on a run. All can be done in the  comfort of your own home. (Thank you to all those that contributed to the workouts.) Remember always to stretch for a few minutes before and after  for better range of motion, fitness results and prevent potential injuries.

Wake up! & make it happen


Cardio/Strength Workout-post diagram


30-minute full body express workout

Abs of Steel (One of my favorites)