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Down n Dirty with Mud Run

23 Sep

Cardio + bootcamp-style obstacles + MUD = say whatttttt?

20130922_102906I’ve done my fair share of running combined with combat drills, but never covered in mud! This year, I had the pleasure of participating in the Delaware Mud Run with 100% of the proceeds going to the Leukemia Research Foundation of Delaware. I’ve heard of the craze, but needed to experience the hype myself.  I must say, I had a blast and this definitely won’t be my last.

For those of you who have thought about doing a mud run, I 100% encourage you to go for it! You will run, crawl, swing, hop, slide you name it, but most of all, you will surprise yourself of your physical abilities! This is also a great starter if you’ve never done a 5k before. Since you are running in between obstacles, it is not a straight run and a lot of folks choose to walk.

Quick breakdown of the run

Distance: 5k (~ 3 miles)

Location: Freightland in Middletown, DE

Obstacles: About 20, including rope swing, rope hill climb, your traditional boot camp crawl, mud slide, water slide, balance log bean oh and yes, a pool full of muddy water filled entirely with ice…yes, ice!!

Course: For the first 2 miles you are running about every quarter mile then completing an obstacle. The last part of the run is filled with back-to-back obstacles, where the spectators watch, take pics and cheer you on!


Tips for first-time mud runners

  • Stay hydrated: Drink plenty of water the night before, the day of (not too much right before the run) and after the run.
  • Wear proper clothing: Nothing too heavy that will weigh you down. Shoes that allow you to be light on your feet, I recommend the “Skele-Toes” shoes from Fila, there is a slot for each of your toe, you don’t have to wear socks, the mesh is easy to clean. I was able to move nimbly through the mud with them on.
  • You gotta commit: Yes, mud is gross and it smells, but you gotta embrace it! Think of it as a spa day for your skin. Once you get over the fear of getting dirty, the run is super enjoyable.
  • There is no “I” in team: Start as a team and finish as a team! If you are stronger and faster than some of your teammates, it is your responsibility to motivate and and play cheerleader. Everyone has fun and it serves a great bonding experience.

See you in 2014 Delaware Mud Run!

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