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Google Search + Nutritional Info

13 Jun

All of us love Google, we’ve incorporated the word into our vocabulary without even know it. Did you Google it? Is it on Google? You name it. We use this search engine to find answers for just about anything. The company has recently loaded hundreds of nutritional info for fruits, meats, vegetables and meals into its system – All accessible using Google Voice search on your phone or the regular search engine. You can either search for simple info such as “How many calories are in a banana?” or “How many grams of protein is in a steak?”


Here’s an example of when I searched “How many calories are in pasta?” As you can see, It quickly populated an easy-to-read display right on top of the search results page. On the right-hand side, it also gave other nutrition info as you would find on the product label. What I like the most is the drop-down menu when selecting the kinds of pasta, choosing from different types to even store-brought vs. homemade.

This tool is great for planning meals, grocery shopping or just for knowledge and kicks!

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