On the run: Keeping heart rates & spirits high!

19 May

It’s safe to say that spring has finally arrived! With the temperature warming up, it is the perfect time to not only take your exercise routines outdoor, especially getting your kids involved. Children often mimic what they see in the adults’ behaviors around them. By setting a good example yourself, it is not only establishing, but reinforcing the necessity of physical activity.

There are many local programs and initiatives that focus on children’s wellness.  Girl on the Run Delaware had its Spring 5K walk/run this past weekend at the Wilmington Riverfront; Ramping up not only heart rates, but spirits as well. The adorable girl below is my 8-year old niece, Mia. Mia, like many other girls her age, love keeping active and doing things with friends her age. The 5k was the perfect way for her to not only benefit from the exercise, but also establish the concept of incorporating physical activity in her life. Go Mia! I’m such a proud uncle. I am a strong believer in events like these because it also serves as an educational tool for parents!

Girls on the Run Delaware is a non-profit that uses interactive curriculum to promote self-respect and healthy lifestyles in pre-teen girls. The organization has been positively received in the media in anywhere from NBC to Better Homes and Garden magazine.



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