Plank 101

21 Dec

I cannot reiterate enough the importance of good form when exercising. Not only does it protect you from injuries, it also enhances your performance and results.

The Plank is one of my all-time favorite exercises. It is simple, yet works complexly throughout different muscles on your body-shoulders, back, core, arms and legs. However, not everyone knows how to perform a plank correctly.

So here you go! Learn how to plank accurately and add it to your exercise routine.


1. Stand up straight with your feet shoulder width apart.
2. Squat down toward the ground and place your hands in front of your feet.
3. Gradually walk out using your hands until they are aligned directly underneath your shoulders. Make sure your back and butt are flat in a straight line, parallel to the ground, while keeping your core tight.
4. Hold plank position for 30 seconds, walk back up to standing position, repeat steps 1-3 for 5 sets. Continue to practice your planks, you will get stronger every day.

U1st challenge: Is your core strong? Test it out by holding out the plank for 60 seconds instead of 30.


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